Give online to FUMC

Thanks for being willing to give to FUMC via our online options. Here are some instructions that may be helpful.

At the bottom of this instruction is a button to continue to the giving form. If you have read this before, you may want to just go there by scrolling to the bottom of this and clicking to proceed. BUT, if this is the first time, please read this through.

Setting Up An Account: You will be asked to set up an account so that when you return you will not have to fill in your personal information. You may choose either to set up an account or not. If you do not, you will have to refill your information each time.

Giving Your Gift: You will first fill in the amount of the gift. Then choose where the gift is to be credited. If this is a general, unrestricted gift, use the General Fund option. If not, choose one of the other options. You will find several options for paying the gift. Choose the one that is the most convenient.

Cover The Fees: Like others who receive credit card payments, FUMC uses a 3rd party and pays them a small fee. If you choose, you can click the appropriate button and raise your gift slightly to cover the fees.

Electronic Bank Transfer: Our preferred way of regular giving is through Electronic Bank Transfer (EBF). We have two ways to set up so your designated amount can be withdrawn from your checking account on a regular basis. A lot of families do this now and find it is very convenient to be regular in giving. One way is to all the church office and request the forms and directions. The other is to click the bank option on the next form and follow the directions.

Corporate Marching Fund: You might be able to increase your gift. Some companies match donations made by employees. To find out if your company does so, contact the human resources office where you work.

Thank you so much for your generosity to FUMC and its ministry

Please press the Give button.