Church Reopening Announcement

Carbondale First UMC is reopening for full in-person weekly worship on Sunday, April 3rd at 8:15 and 10:45 a.m. The musicians, choir and liturgists are prepared, ready to create an atmosphere of praise and worship. Pastor Rose and Minister Necia are looking forward to sharing God’s Word.

Will we continue pre-recording our worship services on website and Facebook?

Yes, Pre-recorded services will continue until further notice.

When will we begin live-streaming 10:45 worship services?

It is our hope to begin live-streaming 10:45 services mid-April, early May. We will continue pre-recording until live-streaming technicians are fully trained and ready.

What else is happening on Sundays?

Greeters are Ready! Our greeters are excited to welcome you with a big fist bump, elbow tap and smile. Be sure to share that gesture with our church family and friends.

· Name tags: Don’t forget your name tags. We have seen new faces in the congregation, so let’s be sure they feel welcomed. Let’s wear name tags and introduce ourselves.

A Welcoming Church encourages lives and saves souls for Christ.

Ushers are Ready! Our ushers are ready to escort you.

Hospitality Team is ready! Hospitality is ready with coffee, tea, and fellowship immediately after worship service. Express our church family love with

§ A fist bumps

§ Air hugs

§ Elbow-to-elbow tap

§ A big SMILE!

Thank you

Pastor Rose and the Worship Team