Health Ministry

A Parish Nurse is a:

Health Counselor
  • assessing and responding to the needs of the congregation;
  • visiting the sick in the hospital, at home and in long-term care settings;
  • assisting with individual health concerns.

Health Educator
  • providing education on topics related to health promotion and healthy lifestyles;
  • offering health screening;
  • conducting health fairs;
  • distributing educational materials.

Community Resource Liaison
  • providing a link between services available in the community and the congregation;
  • sharing knowledge about resources and agencies, support groups and home care services.

  • encouraging persons to take responsibility for their health;
  • helping them find assistance;
  • supporting volunteers and groups in the congregation with health-and-faith issues.

All services provided are confidential and without charge.

Why Would I Want to See The Parish Nurse?

  • Gain information about and assist with life-style change and disease prevention.
  • Get assistance in understanding medical procedures, drug actions and interactions & home testing procedures.
  • Better understand my doctor's orders for medication, exercise, and diet.
  • Get help in explaining ways in which to implement my doctor's orders to obtain optimal effects.

The Parish Nurse Does NOT:

  • Provide invasive treatment
  • Duplicate other available community services
  • Replace your doctor